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Skäve Gård
Skilleby Trädgård

In order to gain work experience during my two years at the Skillebyholm Biodynamic Gardening School (Järna, Sweden) I attended an internship at three different farms around Järna; Skillebyholm (summer 2012), Skilleby Trädgård (autumn 2012) and Skäve Gård (spring 2013).

My tasks included; the care of perennials and herbs, growing vegetables outdoors and in a greenhouse, the harvest and packaging of vegetables, maintenance and autumn cleaning in greenhouses, sales at the Farmer's Market in Stockholm (Skilleby Trädgård). I also assisted the planning of a new herb garden at Skäve Gård.

I collected in two separate volumes a series of photographs of these experiences at Skillebyholm and Skilleby Trädgård.

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