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The writers portraits are regularly published in different international magazines, catalogues, newspapers, including Svenska Dagbladet, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Elle, Le Magazine Littéraire, L'Orient Littéraire, Le Soir, Jeune Afrique, Der Spiegel, Sueddeutsche, Frankfurter, The Daily Telegraf, The New-York Times, The Boston Globe, etc.

The photographs are also bought by writers or editors like Actes Sud, Robert Laffont, Nathan, Norstedts, Bonnier, Tranan, Leopard, Elisabeth Grate, Suhrkamp, Fischer, De Geus, Gyldendal, Cappelens, Harper Collins, Alfred A Knopf, Harvill Secker, etc.


Photographs and reportage were also published in the following newspapers and magazines:

Al-Hayat, Amnesty Journal, Assafir, Balder, Beirut39 catalogue, Karavan, Le Monde Diplomatique, Montessoritidningen, Motiv, Passage, Lisan


Photo assignments; Agence Opale, Norstedts, PBM Stockholm


Translation (from swedish into french)

- ”Le badminton: techniques, tactiques”, Dag Östhassel and Lars Sologub, Vigot, 1992

- ”The Krimaro Collection”, Bengt Lindström, Krimaro Foundation, 2007

- ”CityGarden” website (http//, 2008-2014

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